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Save energy with a responsive, home zoning system by Frigidaire.

No matter what the temperature conditions are in your home, your Frigidaire zoning system can tackle them efficiently. Do you have that one room that is always colder or hotter than other areas of your home? Confront this problem, and more, with one of these smart systems. During the day, your zoning system can shut off access to different areas of your home when they reach the right temperatures while still distributing air to the other areas of your home that need the heated or conditioned air.

Our iQ Zone® zoning system maximizes the potential of your high-efficiency iQ Drive® air conditioner, heat pump or furnace. When this zoning system is paired with one of these highly-efficient units, it can increase energy savings by up to 12% on top of the energy you are already saving with your iQ Drive HVAC unit! That's a lot of money in your pocket at the end of the month.

Your local contractor can tell you whether a zoning system will be most beneficial for your home. Some contractors, however, are not trained to install zoning systems. Use the Frigidaire dealer locator to find a contractor that does have HVAC zoning training.

Frigidaire iQ Zone Zoning System Frigidaire Zoning System
Maximize the energy efficiency of your iQ Drive® system by creating up to 8 separate temperature zones in your home. Create 2 to 8 comfort zones in your home, each with its own temperature control.