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Frigidaire iHybrid systems offer energy-savings and whole home comfort.

For both heating and cooling in one convenient package, turn to the iHybrid system. This packaged unit can save you money through efficient performance and by always using the most efficient fuel for homes in your areas - either gas or electricity. Our iHybrid system meets the high standards outlined by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency to be considered an ENERGY STAR® product. In addition, this unit qualifies for a seal unique to Frigidaire - the ecoLogic® seal. This means the unit meets certain requirements that allow it to perform above and beyond other HVAC systems. All ecoLogic systems are ENERGY STAR rated but not all ENERGY STAR products are ecoLogic.

This unit also contains features that make it quieter than other systems. Our compressor sound blanket helps block the noise coming from the compressor - often considered the noisiest part of the entire HVAC system. It doesn't hurt that the variable-speed motor also cuts down on sound, in addition to helping with dehumidification and consistent temperatures.

Ask your local Frigidaire contractors for prices on installation and the iHybrid unit by using the dealer locator. Start your search for your new iHybrid system today.

Frigidaire iHybrid Gas Pack Dual Fuel Packaged
Our best packaged system. Extra-high efficiency and dual fuel for ultimate energy savings.