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iQ Drive®

Top-of-the-line Frigidaire iQ Drive heating and cooling units.

For premium quality, invest in a Frigidaire iQ Drive system. If you are searching for an HVAC unit that will give you peak performance without guzzling too much energy, an iQ Drive system could be the solution t your heating and cooling problems. Our iQ Drive air conditioners and heat pumps operate at some of the quietest noise levels in the industry. So, not only are you going to get premium performance, but you will get this without having to listen to the sounds associated with an old, inefficient HVAC unit.

iQ Drive furnaces contain iSEER technology that boosts cooling efficiency during the summer when coupled with a 13- or 14-SEER air conditioner or heat pump. So, you're not only getting the efficient performance of an iQ Drive heating system, but you are adding additional money to your pocked trough efficient operation in the summer as well.

Your HVAC specialist will be able to give you more information on your purchase. Use the dealer locator to find the local iQ Drive contractor in your area. Select from the options to the left to tailor your iQ Drive heating or cooling unit - including two Consumers Digest Best Buys - to your specifications.

Frigidaire iQ Drive® Air Conditioner Frigidaire Condensing Gas Furnace iQ Drive® Air Handler Electric Furnace Frigidaire iQ Drive® Air Conditioner
Our most energy-efficient, quiet air conditioning model. The most efficient, quietest furnace we offer. The ultimate in high-efficiency home comfort with variable-speed for ultra-quiet performance. Ultra-high efficiency and extremely quiet.
Frigidaire iQ Drive Heat Pump Frigidaire iQ Drive Heat Pump Frigidaire iQ Drive Heat Pump Frigidaire iQ Drive Coil
Ultra-high efficiency. A quiet, high-cooling efficiency heat pump. Ultra-high efficiency. One of the most efficient gas packs you can buy. Ultra-high efficiency and extremely quiet. Cased coil made especially for ultra-high-efficiency iQ Drive systems with additional formicary corrosion protection.