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Frigidaire 14 SEER, 95% AFUE R8HE Gas/Electric Packaged Unit
Frigidaire 14 SEER, 95% AFUE R8HE Gas/Electric Packaged Unit

Frigidaire 14 SEER, 95% AFUE R8HE Gas/Electric Packaged Unit

  • Highest Gas Pack Heating Efficiency: This gas pack is more than just standard efficiency, it is the most efficient gas pack available in terms of heating efficiency. Instead of hovering around 80% AFUE, this unit leaps forward to an unprecedented 95% AFUE.
  • Two Stages of Operation for Maximum Comfort: While single-stage units only have two settings, on and off, a two stage system has three (off, high capacity and a lower capacity). This gas pack’s heating mode operates in two stages in order to maintain consistent temperatures and potentially save money on utilities by running longer at the lower capacity.
  • Built to Function with Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: This gas/electric packaged unit utilizes R-410A refrigerant, the environmentally-savvy choice for homeowners.
  • Enjoy Quiet Operation: While some HVAC units operate loudly, this unit contains features that help limit noise production, including: swept-wing fan blades and a custom Venturi condenser fan.
  • ecoLogic® Efficiency and Performance: This gas pack qualifies for Frigidaire's rating system for highly-efficient, smart HVAC products – the ecoLogic green seal. This rating goes above and beyond efficiency by looking at additional features that set a specific unit apart from other systems in that category.
  • Damage Protection Built In: This system features several components that increase the durability of this unit. For coil protection, the unit includes a never-rust mesh hail guard and a wire coil guard coated in Earth-friendly epoxy.
  • 30 Second Blower Delay Contributes to Comfort: The furnace portion of this gas pack features a SmartLite™ control board that analyzes your unit’s specific start-up characteristics and adjusts its ignition timing accordingly. This helps extend ignitor life.
  • Ignitor Wear and Tear Lessened: There is nothing worse than being greeted by a cold rush of air when you turn on the heating mode of your gas pack – this model eliminates that. This gas/electric packaged system uses a 30 second blower delay to ensure a warm duct temperature at furnace startup.
  • Checked for Quality Every Step of the Way: In order to ensure premium quality when leaving the factory, this packaged system is checked approximately 72 times.
  • Recognized in the Dealer Design Awards: This high-efficiency gas/electric packaged system was recognized as a Silver Award winner in the 11th Annual Dealer Design Awards due to its exceptional design. Winners were selected by an independent panel of contractors.

If you are looking for a gas pack that is dependable and efficient, the R8GE packaged gas/electric system is a good option. It supplies 14 SEER, 81% AFUE of cooling and heating efficiency, respectively, and undergoes numerous quality checks before it is installed in your home.

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Warranty Info
  • Exceptional 10-year all-parts warranty
  • Long-lasting peace of mind with 10-year Comfort Quality Pledge to replace the entire unit if the compressor or heat exchanger fails
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