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Save energy with a responsive, home zoning system by Frigidaire.

It doesnt matter what the temperature variations are in your home, your Frigidaire zoning system can tackle them effectively and efficiently. If you have a room that is always colder or hotter than the rest of your home, you can confront this problem with one of these whole-home comfort system. Throughout the course of a day, a zoning system can control which rooms do and do not receive conditioned air. This makes sure that you allocate your heating and cooling resources in the best fashion possible.

Want to make the switch to a high-quality zoning comfort control system? Speak to your local HVAC contractor. Theyll be able to tell you whether a zoning system will be beneficial for your home. Use the Frigidaire dealer locator to find a contractor equipped with the knowledge to install on of these money-saving systems.

Frigidaire Zoning System
Create 2 to 8 comfort zones in your home, each with its own temperature control.