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HVAC Buying Guides

Before You Buy

Do you want to know about the different air conditioners you can choose from? Are you not sure what to look for in an HVAC contractor? Let us take you through the HVAC system buying process with our informative guides. Each article outlines exactly what you need to know before you take the plunge and buy an air conditioner, gas furnace or heat pump - from efficiency ratings to equipment type. Begin the HVAC equipment buying process by selecting one of the articles below.

Frigidaire contractor inspects a split system air conditioner

AC and Furnace Lifespan

How long will a system last?

Unfortunately, there will come a time when it is better to replace than repair your HVAC system. Find out when.

Furnace buying guide

Furnace Buying Guide

Start your new furnace search

A new furnace purchase can be easy if you start off on the right foot. Read our furnace buying guide.

Heat pumps buying guide

Heat Pump Buying Guide

Choose a heat pump

Electric heating and cooling are both features of a heat pump. Find out if this HVAC system is right for your home.

Hiring the right HVAC contractor

Hiring an HVAC Contractor

Find the right contractor

The contractor search is just as important as finding the right equipment. Find out how to choose the right contractor.

Buying HVAC online

Online AC Shopping

Take care with online HVAC

Buying HVAC from an unauthorized online source can be like playing with fire. Find out why this isn't the best route.

Central AC Buying Guide

Central AC Buying Guide

Finding the right air conditioner.

Selecting your ideal air conditioner may be harder than you think - you have to know what to look for. Read our tips.

Green HVAC equipment by Frigidaire

Green HVAC

We make it easy being green

Find out all you need to know about green Frigidaire HVAC products - from ratings to performance benefits.

Different HVAC ratings and reviews revealed

HVAC Ratings and Reviews

SEER, AFUE, HSPF and more

Deciphering these acronyms can seem tricky at first. Let us help you decode the ins and outs of HVAC ratings and reviews.

HVAC regional standards explained

HVAC Regional Standards

What's changing in 2015?

As technology advances, standards for HVAC equipment change. Find out more about the 2015 efficiency standard changes.

R-22 refrigerant phase-out

R-22 Phase Out

Transitioning from R-22 to R-410A

R-22 is out and R-410A is in. Discover the reasons behind this transition from one refrigerant to another.

How to Choose an HVAC System

Selecting an HVAC Unit

Find the right HVAC system

Choosing a new HVAC system can be tough. Let us make the process easier for you.