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Genuine HVAC Contractors

Frigidaire Genuine Contractors are the pinnacle of HVAC technician quality. HVAC contractors who qualify for this certification are so designated because of their high rate of customer satisfaction and their commitment to quality installation. When you select a Frigidaire Genuine Contractor, you are putting your new heating and air conditioning system in good hands.

Excellent Reputation. It’s hard to run from a bad online reputation. So, in order for an HVAC technician to qualify for the Genuine Contractor program, they must have a positive reputation with past customers. After all, contractor recommendations and reviews are the best way to gauge whether the technician you hire will do the job right the first time.

The right HVAC technician matters.

Entrusting your heating and air conditioning system to an unqualified HVAC technician can be detrimental for system life and health. Always do some research before hiring a contractor.

How does this help? You can hire a Frigidaire HVAC Genuine Contractor with confidence. Chances are if they’ve done right by their past clients, they’ll do right by you. And, when it comes to all aspects of heating and air conditioning, confidence is key.

HVAC technician

Expertly Trained. Not only must a Genuine
Contractor maintain a positive reputation
with past clients, but they must have a
reputation for complying with all state,
federal and municipal laws. Also, they
must be up-to-date on the latest training,
permits, licenses and certifications. We
require that each Genuine Contractor
attends ongoing factory training to ensure
that they are up-to-date on the latest

Why does this matter? HVAC equipment is tricky. It requires a knowledgeable, responsible hand for proper installation and performance. Again, confidence is key. And, our training and compliance requirements further solidify that confidence.

Contractor Selection ALWAYS Matters. . Your heating and air conditioning equipment is only going to perform as well, and as efficiently, as the time and attention that was put into installing it. With the Frigidaire HVAC Genuine Contractor designation, we take the guesswork out of the HVAC contractor hiring process. Visit the Frigidaire HVAC dealer locator and select your contractor with confidence.