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Eco-friendly Frigidaire heating & air systems are designated by the ecoLogic label.

At Frigidaire we take producing green systems seriously. That is why our high-efficiency, premium home comfort systems are designated by the ecoLogic label. This premium designation used exclusively by Frigidaire, denotes high-efficient equipment that includes home comfort additions and eco-friendly features.

Each ecoLogic HVAC system is quiet and includes multi-stage, variable-speed technological components. Additionally, they include smart controls that give you complete control over your indoor air system. Whether they are compatible with a zoning system or high-efficiency ventilator, an ecoLogic heating and air conditioning system will positively impact your home comfort and reduce your impact on the ecosystem.

Further control your ecoLogic product search by using the selection choices to the left. You can also select a local contractor who will explain how choosing a high-efficiency ecoLogic system can help your home comfort. Use the dealer locator to find your local contractor.

Frigidaire iQ Drive® Air Conditioner Frigidaire Condensing Gas Furnace Frigidaire iQ Drive® Air Conditioner Frigidaire Condensing Gas Furnace
Our most energy-efficient, quiet air conditioning model. Our most efficient gas heating system. This model reaches 97% AFUE! Ultra-high efficiency and extremely quiet. This two-stage, variable-speed gas furnace offers extra-high, 95% heating efficiency.
Frigidaire iQ Drive Heat Pump Frigidaire 19+ EER, 3.8+ COP Geothermal Direct Geoexchange Heat Pump Frigidaire iQ Drive Heat Pump Frigidaire iQ Drive Heat Pump
This ultra-high efficiency heat pump offers exceptional heating and cooling home comfort. Using Earth’s energy for ultra-efficient heating and cooling. One of the most efficient gas packs you can buy. Enjoy 20-SEER, 81% AFUE efficiency. ave money on utility bills with this ultra-high efficiency heating and air conditioning system.
Frigidaire Air Conditioner Frigidaire Heat Pump Frigidaire iHybrid Gas Pack Dual Fuel Packaged Frigidaire Gas Pack
Extra-high efficiency cooling in a very quiet model. This heating and cooling system is exceptionally quiet and operates in two stages. Enjoy ultimate energy savings. This system offers 15-SEER, 8-HSPF, 81% AFUE performance. Two-stage operation means better efficiency and comfort. Enjoy this 15-SEER, 81% AFUE unit.
Frigidaire 14 SEER, 95% AFUE R8HE Gas/Electric Packaged Unit
Offers the highest heating efficiency in a gas pack. Unit features 95% AFUE heating efficiency.