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HVAC Buying Guides

Does all of the info about heating and cool equipment have you confused? Don't know which system will actually be the right fit for your home? While your contractor will be your main source for all thing HVAC, it's a good idea to get some basic info before settling on a system. Consider us your go-to for your HVAC-related heating and air conditioning questions - from finding the right contractor to saving on your new system.

Want to save money? We can help you. Want to know if an air conditioner or heat pump is right for your home? We can help you there too. Get the information you need by selecting from one of our categories below.

Choosing an HVAC Unit

Before You Buy

Don't know where to start the buying process? Here are things you should know before calling a contractor.

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HVAC Basics

Consider this your encyclopaedia for all things HVAC. Learn about everything from IAQ products to the inner-workings of your unit.

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Help Me Choose

Settling on the right HVAC system can be tough. Here, we make the process easy. Just put in where you live and what you need, and we'll give you a list of system options.

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Why Frigidaire

Frigidaire HVAC has a long history of providing homeowners with the highest quality heating and cooling equipment.

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iQ Drive Systems

If you're looking for our leaders in efficiency, browse our iQ Drive products. These ultra-high-efficiency units can help you save.

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Saving Money

Current Promotions

Find our if your new air conditioner, heat pump or gas furnace qualifies for a Frigidaire HVAC rebate.

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Selecting an HVAC Contractor

Find an HVAC Contractor

Finding the right contractor is arguably the most important part of an HVAC installation, maintenance or repair.

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