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Improve air conditioner & heat pump efficiency with Frigidaire iSEER technology.

Efficiency is king. That is why at Frigidaire we take the time to engineer equipment that offers high levels of efficiency and innovative technology. The iSEER technology in our fixed- and variable-speed gas furnace motors is no exception. With this innovative technology, you can boost the cooling efficiency of your 13- or 14-SEER air conditioner or heat pump by one entire SEER point.

Furnaces that utilize iSEER technology also come with additional system features. For example, if you go with the variable-speed iSEER motor it is compatible with an iQ Drive® outdoor unit - no additional kits required for installation. Although iQ Drive systems are higher than 13/14 SEER, it is important that your gas furnace/indoor component is matched with your outdoor system to get the promised efficiency savings and the benefits provided by our exceptional warranty.

Filter your iSEER compatibility search by using the options to the left of your screen. This can help you take one step closer to a more efficient HVAC system that offers premium home comfort features.

Frigidaire Condensing Gas Furnace Frigidaire Condensing Gas Furnace Frigidaire Condensing Gas Furnace Frigidaire Gas Furnace
Our most efficient gas heating system. This model reaches 97% AFUE! Extra-high efficiency heating. This unit features two-stage, fixed-speed operation. This two-stage, variable-speed gas furnace offers extra-high, 95% heating efficiency. Like two furnaces in one. Enjoy greater comfort with 80% AFUE and two-stage operation.
Frigidaire Gas Furnace
Two-stage, variable-speed operation offers greater home comfort in this 80% AFUE model.