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Find Local HVAC Rebates

Cut the cost of a new heating and cooling system with local HVAC rebates.

Frigidaire contractor explains local HVAC rebates to homeowner.

At Frigidaire, we've made it easy to find cost-cutting rebates and incentives for homeowners replacing their old equipment with new, energy-efficient models. There's no two ways about it, replacing an old, inefficient heating and air system can be expensive. But, there are ways you can cut back on those upfront expenses and make the upgrade well worth the investment.

With local HVAC rebates, you can receive hundreds of dollars for each improvement you make - whether it's adding a zoning system or upgrading to an ENERGY STAR certified model. Plus, these savings aren't even taking into account what you'll save on the energy-efficient performance of a new system.

It's simple for homeowners in both the US and Canada to find local rebates in their area.

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Homeowners in the United States can search for local HVAC rebates here.

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Homeowners in Canada can find their local HVAC rebates here.

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Don't let the cost of a new system deter you from making the upgrade. Start the search by finding your local heating and air conditioning contractor.