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Frequently Asked Questions

Frigidaire homeowner researches HVAC questions

Do you have some questions about your Frigidaire HVAC system? Well, we're here to help. Whether you need assistance maintaining your old system, purchasing a new one or registering your brand new equipment - the helpful HVAC support staff at Frigidaire HVAC can answer your questions. If these frequently asked questions don't quite answer what you are searching for, don't panic! Fill out a "Contact Us" form and you'll get in touch with a person who can address your particular needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Possible Solutions

Who Should I Call?

Who can I call to work on my heating and cooling equipment?

When you need help with your heating and air conditioning equipment, you can call any local, licensed servicer, contractor or dealer in your area. However, if you want an easy way to find a local contractor who can service your specific piece of Frigidaire heating and air conditioning equipment, go to our dealer locator. There, you can type in your zip code and get a list of local professional and their qualifications.

Who is responsible for registering my unit?

Ultimately, when it comes to registering your unit for warranty coverage, it is your responsibility as the homeowner to make sure this gets done. In order to extend warranty coverage, your Frigidaire HVAC equipment must be registered. If your unit has not been registered within the first 60 days after installation, it will not be covered under the Frigidaire HVAC extended product warranty. If you need to register your warranty, you can do so here.

Who is responsible for filing a warranty claim?

If you have a warranty claim, your contractor will be responsible for filing it through the proper channels. Your HVAC contractor will submit the claim to their distributor - who will then make sure that it gets back to Frigidaire HVAC.

I am looking for technical support who should I call?

Although a healthy DIY attitude can be good for some projects, it is best to leave heating and air conditioning troubleshooting, maintenance and installation to the professionals. If your heating and air conditioning equipment is giving you problems, check out our simple troubleshooting tips or contact your local HVAC contractor - you don't want to end up doing more harm than good.

Calling Customer Service

When calling customer service, is it important to have my serial and model numbers ready?

If you have a question about your unit, it is important that you have your model and serial numbers readily available. This will help the Frigidaire HVAC representative identify the type of unit you have and it's specific warranty information, quickly.

Where can I find the serial number on my unit?

The serial number of your specific Frigidaire HVAC system will vary depending on the type of system that it happens to be.

  • For furnaces, your serial number will be located on the inside left panel of the unit.
  • For an outdoor heat pump or air conditioner, the serial number will be located in the lower left hand corner of the unit on the wiring access panel.

Each Frigidaire HVAC serial number starts with three letters followed by nine digits. An example of this format is: FSD000000000.

Where can I find the model number on my unit?

Like serial numbers, the location of your model number will depend on the type of equipment you are inquiring about.

  • For furnaces, you can find the model number on the inside left panel of your unit.
  • If you are inquiring about your outdoor air conditioner or heat pump, the model number will be located on the lower left hand corner of the unit on the wiring access panel.

An example of a Frigidaire model number is as follows: FS6BD048K (A).

Finding Frigidaire HVAC Systems and Parts

Does Frigidaire HVAC sell heating and cooling systems directly to homeowners?

Unfortunately, Frigidaire HVAC does not sell directly to homeowners. If you are looking for Frigidaire HVAC systems, always go through the proper distribution channels. In fact, we make it easy to find an HVAC contractor with our dealer locator - simply put in your zip code and get a list of local dealers around you.

Does Frigidaire HVAC sell HVAC parts directly to homeowners?

Frigidaire HVAC does not sell HVAC parts directly to homeowners. Similar to the above answer, when it comes to parts, installation, service, maintenance, etc., finding a DIY solution is not encouraged. There is a lot of training that goes along with heating and air conditioning equipment - if something isn't working you don't want to cause more harm than good. if your air conditioner is not cooling, your furnace isn't heating, or your heat pump won't do either, call your local heating and air conditioning specialist.

Does Frigidaire HVAC make window AC units or appliances?

While there are window air conditioning units and appliances that carry the Frigidaire name, Frigidaire HVAC, specifically, does not manufacture window air conditioning units or appliances. If you are looking for help or information about Frigidaire window air conditioners or appliances, visit www.frigidaire.com.

Replacement Parts

Do you provide replacements parts for water heaters?

Unfortunately, Frigidaire HVAC does not provide replacement parts for water heaters. In order to find parts, warranty information, manuals and more for your water heating, contact State Water Heaters at 800-365-4525 x8170.

Does Frigidaire HVAC provide replacements parts for Lennox fireplaces?

Yes, Frigidaire HVAC does provide replacement parts for Lennox fireplaces within the first year after the manufacturing date. For more information or to obtain these parts, contact us at 1-800-422-4328.

Rebates and Pricing

Is Frigidaire HVAC able to provide rebate information?

If you are looking for specific rebate information, turn to your local contractor or electric company. They can provide you with information specific to your city and state.

Where can I find Frigidaire HVAC system prices?

There is a lot more that goes into a heating and air conditioning equipment purchase than just slapping a unit into a particular home. In order to find out how much an air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, etc. costs, contact your local heating and cooling contractor. They will be able to give you a quote on the exact system that meets your budgetary, home comfort and current situational needs. Two things to keep in mind: always avoid quotes over the phone (there is no way that the person on the other line knows exactly what your home needs) and don't always go with the lowest offer to save money - you could end up paying more for questionable installation practices down the line.

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